La Douleur Exquise



"I’m sick and I’m in love."

"You seem like the kind of person who confuses the two."

Magnolia, 1999

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guys i think i have a crush on a boy and i never thought it would happen but its happening and i’m very excited. maybe i’ll finally get my sex life back.

edit- omg he’s made me laugh almost constantly for like 4 hours what is happening to me is this real im freaking out

new edit- i cant sleep all i can do is think about this person. 

The Night Café 

The Night Café 

In my painting of the night café I’ve tried to express the idea that the café is a place where you can ruin yourself, go mad, commit crimes. Anyway, I tried with contrasts of delicate pink and blood-red and wine-red. Soft Louis XV and Veronese green contrasting with yellow greens and hard blue greens.

All of that in an ambience of a hellish furnace, in pale sulphur.

To express something of the power of the dark corners of a grog-shop.

And yet with the appearance of Japanese gaiety and Tartarin’s good nature.

But what would Mr Tersteeg [art dealer at the Goupil gallery in The Hague] say about this painting? He who, looking at a Sisley — Sisley, the most tactful and sensitive of the Impressionists — had already said: ‘I can’t stop myself thinking that the artist who painted that was a little tipsy’. Looking at my painting, then, he’d say that it’s a full-blown case of delirium tremens.

—Vincent van Gogh, Letter 677, addressed to Theo van Gogh, from Arles, 9 September 1888. Via (via transistoradio)

iamacartooncharacter said: What an adventure! When did you start that?

A couple weeks ago. I left the first place I was at because it was terrible, but now the environment is awesome and it suits my personality. It’s weird that stripping is still so taboo.. people that know me see me differently and i’m not sure how that makes me feel. 

Becoming a stripper is the funnest thing I’ve ever done. It’s liberating and exciting and challenging all at the same time

If Pablo Neruda was alive, we’d hit it off perfectly